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Rapid Saliva Protein Test | Medusa19

Rapid Saliva Protein Test

The Rapid Saliva Protein Test (RSPT), from Medusa 19, provides results on the spot in 15 minutes. It is a lateral flow test (LFT) using a simple saliva sample to indicate the immune response to infection, particularly in patients who do not know they have an active SARS-CoV-2 infection and have no specific symptoms.

The RSPT is a simple, non-invasive, on the spot test indicating the immune response to infection from SARS-CoV-2, the virus underlying COVID-19. The LFT requires a simple saliva sample, a comfortable and non-invasive collection process, providing rapid results within 15 minutes.

Developed in the UK and Spain, the test indicates a user's immune response to SARS-CoV-2.

Relative sensitivity of 92%, relative specificity of 98% and 97% accuracy.

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Avacta Antigen Test | Medusa19

Avacta Antigen Test

Medusa 19 has entered into a distribution agreement with Avacta Group plc, the developer of Affimer® biotherapeutics and reagents, for its COVID-19 rapid antigen test that is currently under development.

This agreement provides Medusa 19 with exclusive distribution rights to consumers and non-exclusive distribution rights to businesses.

The test will indicate whether an individual has the COVID-19 infection and is intended to provide a result within minutes.

See more on the Avacta site or via our news section.

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Getting Things Back on Track | Medusa19

Getting Things Back on Track

Employers are prioritising employee health and safety, and having an accurate and easy-to-use COVID-19 testing solution is one key way we can rebuild confidence in the workplace.

We're working with thousands of organisations globally of all sizes to help implement an efficient solution, increasing confidence and trust for both employees and their customers.

Learn more about how we can return to work and get back to business with Medusa 19.

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How Does It Work?

Sample | Medusa19
Sample | Medusa19


Suck your cheeks to collect saliva and spit into the tube up to the 1ml line. Do not count froth or bubbles.

Test | Medusa19
Test | Medusa19


Dispense all of the buffer solution into the tube. Screw the cap back onto the tube and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. 

Activate | Medusa19
Activate | Medusa19


Squeeze and release the pipette 3 times inside the tube, filling the pipette so the bulb is at least half full. Using the pipette, slowly drop 7 droplets into well B of the Lateral Flow Cassette.

Results | Medusa19
Results | Medusa19


Leave the Lateral Flow Cassette to conduct the test and read the results after 15 minutes. 

The Science Behind the Test | Medusa19

The Science Behind the Test

At the early stage of infection, human cells produce an immune response and generate immunoglobulin G (IgG), but more specifically, immunoglobulin M (IgM) at the point of contact with the virus, which for COVID-19 is in the throat and respiratory tract.

The antibodies are then transported from the lymph nodes into blood and saliva. In the early stage, detection in blood is not sensitive enough due to a high dilution effect, whereas in saliva, the independent clinical data indicates it is detectable.

Our tests have been developed by industry-leading scientists with over 25 years experience in the medical devices industry.

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Delivering Results

The Rapid Saliva Protein Test (RSPT) has a relative sensitivity of 92%, relative specificity of 98% and 97% accuracy.

Sensitivity measures how often a test correctly provides a positive result for people who have COVID-19, whilst specificity measures how often it correctly delivers a negative result for those without the virus. The accuracy is the overall accuracy between sensitivity and specificity.

Rebuilding Confidence | Medusa19

Rebuilding Confidence

Everything we do is to help you and your team get back to work and return to normal.

Our mission is to make a global effort to bounce back from COVID-19 through accurate, rapid and affordable testing solutions to retain productivity and keep staff safe.

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Get back to normal with our testing solutions perfect for businesses of any size. Get in touch with our experts to see how we can help to rebuild confidence in your workplace.

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