Pablo Castan talks about the Medusa 19 RSPT on Spanish Regional TV

19.01.2021 By Medusa19

This morning the Castilla La Mancha regional television channel in Spain, interviewed Dr. Pablo Castán from the La Paz Hospital in Madrid, to explain what the Medusa 19 Rapid Saliva Protein Test consists of, the test has been developed in a coordination with Medusa 19 and the Carlos III Hospital/Instituto Carlos III, La Paz Hospital in Madrid.

It is a rapid, non-invasive test that allows results to be obtained in just 15 minutes. It detects immunological biomarkers in saliva and has shown to be effective in the early detection of SARS-CoV-2 infection regardless of the strain.

Available now for businesses, the validation of this test for consumers is currently in process.

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